Leap of faith or Water over my head

So last week on one of my OW swims with teammates I was told by three of them that they had plans to swim in Sweden’s largest OW race, Vansbrosimningen.  A 3km race that I had swum 7 times in the past, with 2013 being the last time I was up there.

It didn’t take much for them to convince me to follow along.  I still do not have any answers about my stroke last summer, but the doctors who have been testing me seem to have forgotten about me, or don’t think I am a ticking timebomb.  So after checking the family calendar I registered for the race.

Since 2012 or maybe it was my last year, they have been making it harder and harder to get into the first starting group.  During my seven races, the first start group was divided into two starting lines.  Those with top 20-25 times on one line and 3m behind them the rest of us starting at 10:00.

2007-2013 I was in the first start group.  You can see my results below.  In 2007 I had only been swimming for 9 months or so and weighed closer to 108kg.  In 2010 I was injured and should have skipped the race, but wanted to have fun with my friends and swam anyways.  that explains the drop in time. The slight drop in time in 2013 can be connected to the fact that the day before I swam the 1km race at 10:00  (12:53) and then a half Ironman triathlon at 11:00 (25:22 swim, 2:33 bike & 2:00 run).  I was simply tired and sore.


2012 was by far my best time, but I am not where near the same swimmer I was 5 years ago.  I am currently registered to swim at 11:33 which is the 8th starting group. A group made for anyone with seven swims under their belt.  I have requested to be moved up to the second start group.  I have no interest in the the extra stress and adrenaline rush that comes with the first start group, but I do not want to have to start 90 minutes after the first swimmers and risk having to swim slalom through those slower swimmers in front of me over a 3km course.

I was just out of the top 100 in 2007 out of 4465 starting swimmers (missing the cut off by 55 seconds, or 11 places) as well as 2010 with 6707 swimmers (missing the cut off by 14 seconds or 7 places).

From 2007 to 2013 I finished in 111, 33, 61, 107, 45, 39 & 45.

So I am taking a leap of faith that I am healthy, only time will tell if I jump in too early. Keeping my fingers crossed for another top 100 placement or a time under 45:15. But mostly I just want to have fun and avoid any hospital visits…

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