40 hours in Sept & medical update

Late in August my doctor said I could start to workout again, but to keep my heart rate below 90% of my max.  Which basically meant I could swim around 1:20-1:25/100m, bike around 20-24km/h, run around 6:30/km and train Crossfit, but scaled weights and a slower pace.

After watching Kalmar Ironman I have found new motivation, and have been able to get into a better routine when it comes to working out. From March to July I was juggling work, illness, family and trying to motivate myself to find time to workout, but the sofa was just so comfortable and candy calling out for me. Work will always be a wildcard, but it doesn’t mean it has to prevent me from working out. If the trips are planned a head of time, I can always plan my rest days around the travel days.

Despite having a business trip a week from one day up to three days since my vacation, I have managed to get in over 40 hours in September. I have pretty much stuck with swimming and crossfit this month. Those are the two things I like to do most, group training with scheduled times. My goal for October is to start running. The logical days would be Monday, Friday and Saturday, since those are the days I don’t swim and I have no interest in having 3 workouts in one day. Mondays can be before work, or during lunch, Fridays will have to be before breakfast, and Saturday could be anytime I can find a window.

The way I trained in September reminds me a lot of the way I was working out back in aug 2012, even though I was up around 11-12/hrs a week back then, I was not running my body to the ground. I feel good after each workout and look forward to the next.

On the 28th I had a Synachten test, but the results of that test will take a few days. Still no change in what I can or can not do, but I have been more aware of my body in the last 12 weeks than I have been in the last 40 years. Still nothing new about my stroke, what caused it, or if I am at risk for another. But it seems the investigation has moved to hormones and body function.

I am just hoping to get some good news before Swedish Long Course Nationals in 6 weeks…


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