Friday mingel at the box, Crossfit Lift-Off & Everyday Warrior

So Friday evening, nine friends got together at the box for some old fashion fun.

We decided on the following 4 WoDs:

  • Grace 30 reps Clean and Jerk 60kg
  • Randy 75 reps power snatch 35kg
  • Diane 21-15-9 deadlifts 100kg / handstand push ups
  • Karen 150 wallballs

Before we even started I decided to scale Diane to 80kg and Karen to 6kg instead of 9kg.

The nine of us, set up our weights for Grace. The fastest is finished with in 2:15 and I finish last around 4 minutes. The weight and the reps were not a problem, but since I have bad technique I took them slow to make sure I was cleaning the weight and not just doing reverse curls.

After about 12 minutes we had reset our weights and ready for the second of four wods Randy. I was able to start off strong with 15 reps, then 10, 5, 5, 8, 7, 10, 5, 5, 5.  Again I was last, I had my last five reps when I notice the second to last person drop their weights.

Moving on to Diane, I took out two ab mats to scale even the HSPUs. Having a lighter weight and the two mats i was able to do all the deadlifts unbroken, but broke up the HSPUs to 15+6, 8+7 and 3+3+3.  I was finished around 5th or 6th of the nine, but no one after me was scaling so again last.

On to the last WoD of the evening, 150 wall balls. Here I was able to do 25,25,25,25,10,10,10,10,10.  It took me just over 9 minutes and naturally I was last again.

Doing these kinds of WoDs really shows me that I need to start running more again. It is almost never my muscles that give up, but my high pulse and breathing that make me need to slow down or take a break.  Great group and great motivation to keep pushing myself in the box.

Saturday morning it was time to head back to the box for the Crossfit Lift-off and Everyday Warrior WoD 1. The Lift-off is 1 RM clean and jerk, 1 RM snatch and a 12 min AMRAP with 3 snatch 61kg, 6 C&J 61kg, 9 Chest to bars, and 54 DUs. The first WoD in the Everyday Warrior was 3 minutes bar facing burpees followed by 1 RM C&J with in 12 minutes. a 15min total workout.

Marcus and I start with the Snatch.  No time limit but after about 15 minutes we both reached our max 60kg. I started with 40kg and was able to do a squat snatch, but 50 and 60kg were just power snatches. I attempted to lift 65kg several times but after 15 minutes gave up. I had managed 65kg in the past, but maybe I was not 100% after the workout from Friday night.


Going into the 1 RM C&J I decide to combine the Everyday Warrior to this one. So while Marcus was resting I started my 3 min bar facing burpees. I manage 39, I could have pushed myself to 44-45 but did not want to be too winded for the C&J.  I start with 50kg as a safe level entry. After about a minutes rest I throw up 60kg. I wait a few minutes and get 70kg with no problems. With 4 minutes to go I attempt 80kgs but fail. Instead of going down to 75 I wait until 10:40 and try one last 80kg attempt.  Fail again, but I know I can get 80kg.  So to finish EW WoD I put on 1kg and get 71kg.  With the EW WoD over I go up to 75kg and after a few minutes rest I get it. Marcus had tried 90 and cleared 90kg and was trying 92kg, but finally gave up. After he had set up his weight for the workout, I said I wanted to try one last time at 80kg and I got it up!  It was not pretty, but I got it up.

Marcus is going to do the workout scaled to avoid the DUs. He does an impressive job. I thought he would be lucky to get through 6 rounds, but manages to finish 6 rounds and get 14 reps of the 7th round. Once Marcus has had a chance catch his breathe, it’s my turn. I have the bar loaded with 61kg, and the clock is set to 12 minutes. I grab the bar and fail on my first attempt at 61kg. Crap!! what was I thinking, I walk around in a circle and grab the bar again. And FAIL again. On my third attempt I finally get it. But I need to get 2 more to continue. But number 2 and 3 go much better. Moving on to the C&J they fly by, no problems or issues. Before I even start I decide not to risk any no reps on the C2B I will do them one at a time. It takes longer, but is easier for me and I do not get winded. Moving on to the DUs, This is where I knew I was going to be having issues. I start with my speed rope, but after 7-8 tries, I run over to my bag and get my regular heavier rope. I am now able to get DU/SU/DU/SU and so on.  Once Marcus says that I reached 54 DUs I drop the rope and rest up, I know that I look at the clock, but I have no idea what I saw. I again have a no rep on the first Snatch attempt, but with a little longer rest, then I get rep 1, rep 2 takes two attempts. By now my hands are finished. All the bar lifts Friday and the earlier snatches and C&J have finally taken their toll.  Thanks to those cheering me on I finally get the 3rd rep up and with less than 20 seconds left I manage to get 4 reps of the C&J for a total of 79 reps.

Now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to know how I did in the Lift-off, but I am currently 180 out of nearly 270 in the Everyday Warrior 😉

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