Lots of quality training since Saturday

Saturday I did my total crossfit WOD. Since then I’ve enjoyed 3 swim and 4 CF workouts and even some strength training.

All three swim practices have been fun. One of which was a quicky in the lake, 13C (55F). Jonas and I just swam about 400m to check the temp. In the pool it’s been longer series with 100’s and a lot of medley and pace work. I’m really looking forward to more OW.

And in the box the social side is growing along with my own PBs.  Seems like I’m getting to know more and more members with each pass. All my hard work and technique training is really starting to show.

80kg front squat

65kg OH squat

95kg push press

Things I still need to work on in the box:


Rope climbs

Muscle Ups

Along with improving my clean and snatch technique. I’m still lifting too much with my arms.

Good thing I’m surrounded by like minded people 😉

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