Crossfit Total

Today was a pure lifting workout. After about 30-40min warm up I tried my first Crossfit Total.

Crossfit Total is the combined weight of a deadlift, back squat and strict shoulder press.  You get three reps to max in each.

In deadlift I started safe with 110kg, then moved up to 135kg and on the last gave everything I had left to get 140kg up. By the end of the year I should get up to 160kg.

In back squats I started at 100kg, then struggled with 110kg and then failed at 115kg. Maybe I needed more rest after deadlifts or I’m just that weak 😉 either way I want to try to get to 130kg by end of summer.

Shoulder press is something I’ve done before but mostly dumb bells sitting or with a small push with my chest to get the weight moving. Today I started at 55kg and it felt light. Moved up to 65kg and then I should have tried 70 but went up to 75kg and failed. I want to get up to 80kg by end of summer.


Dead lift 140kg (308lbs)

Back squat 110kg (242lbs)

Shoulder press 65kg (143lbs)

Total 315kg (694lbs)

That puts me at a Novice with my current body weight (100/220)
 Hoping to get to 346kg total before end of summer.


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