A great few days in the Box and at the pool

The last three days in the Box have been so much fun. And last night I actually enjoyed swimming again.

Sunday, I did a repeat of CMAR Q15.3 along with Vivie, Emma, Angelica and Anders. I improved by nearly 300 points. Really cool to be surrounded by like minded people.

Monday , I felt really comfortable with my snatch technique. Working out with Anders and having others I know there really push me to be better. 

Yesterday during a pair WOD I felt strong from start to finish. Paired up with Ian was also a boost.  Strong and steady!!

At yesterday’s Masters I was not excited to swim. Second guessing why I even bother trying anymore. But after the first 3km it finally clicked. I noticed how much fun the others were having and I was able to step up for the last series. Even if I’m super slow right now it felt good to push through the last 10×100.

Even at the pool I am lucky to be surrounded by like minded people.

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