15.2 Rx & Filling in my tattoo

Sunday I get to the Box 40 min before the start of yoga, and warm up for my attempt at 15.2 Rx. I was really happy with my Scaled attempt and decided I could either attempt to do a minimum of 9 reps more to be able to start the next round, or see how many reps of the first round of Rx I could manage. It was the quickest and most mentally tough WOD since I started 3 months ago.  Same set up as  the scaled with 3 min rounds, but starting with

2x 10 Overhead squats 43kg
10 Chest to bars (C2B)

When the clock starts, I take my time with the first OH Squat. But on the second I loose my balance and drop the bar. It doesn’t phase me, I had already cleared 1 rep 😉  I power snatch the 43kg and then proceed to finish 2-10.  It was easier than I had expected. Now over to the pull up bar to see if I can even get in one C2B. I have about two minutes remaining of the three min interval.  It’s hard to remember all of the attempts, but I think I had 3-4 no reps before I finally got contact between my chest and the bar. In the last 30s I managed to get two more but I had 9-10 no reps in between.  A total of 13 reps for 15.2 Rx.  It does not sound any better than the 135 scaled I had on Friday, but it puts me ahead of everyone that does the scaled.

With 16 hours left for people around the world to submit there scores,  I have gone from 853 up to 264 in Europe Men 40-44 and from 10,130 to 3,696 in the world. And if we look at overall men, I have gone from 11,420 in europe to 3,207 and from 99,844 in the world to 33,002 . So I guess I am not the only guy out there that has a hard time with C2B. It will be interesting to see where I stand tomorrow after the final submissions of 15.2

If I can get to the box today after dinner before Jeanette works out I will make another attempt.  I think I can get 2-3 more C2Bs. It will not help me gain a lot of placements, but it will be a big mental boost going into 15.3. The only two things that make me nervous with the final three WODs are when Double unders and Muscle Ups will appear.

So I finally got around to filling in some color on my new tattoo. I decided less is more when it came to colors. so we decided to only color the Choi and leave the water and the flowers black & white.

After the blue and yellow

After the red

Shading of the three flowers

The before and after pic with about 4 weeks between.

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