15.2 Scaled and After WOD with the guys

Week two of the Open was a combo of overhead squats and chest to bars. Lucky for me the scaled WOD was chins instead of C2B and the OH squat weight was 29kg instead of 43kg. A few guys from the box decided we should have an AfterWOD when we had finished 15.2. So most of us were in the box at the same time after work.

After judging one Rx and one scaled it was my turn to give it a go.

3 min rounds of

2x 6 OH Squats 29kg + 6 chins

2x 8 OH Squats + 8 chins

2x 10 OH Squats + 10 chins

2x 12 OH Squats + 12 chins 

etc…. As long as you completed all reps with in 3 min you could start the next round. 

I’m lucky that I do my 15.2 at the same time as Anna. It gave me a push. It was definitely easier to push myself with her right on my heals. My first round was easy, just under 1:30. So 1:30 rest before round two. Chins I broke down to 3-3 to save my hands. Round two, no problems with the squats, I broke down the chins into 3-3-2 and then 2-2-2-2.  Just under 2:00 so 1:00 rest.  Up to 10’s and the start of the third round. Squats starting to get tough. From 7-10 I really have to fight to keep my arms up. Chins go from sets of two to singles, but I finish under 3:00 and can start round 4.

12’s: Again the last 4-5 squats are hard, abs are tired, shoulders are tired but my legs strong. I’ve got a weight lifting technique class in two weeks. I know I can lift more, I just need to learn how to. I think I manage two chins before going over to singles. After nearly 1:55 I start the second set of squats. They got tough after just 4 or 5. It takes just under a minute for the squats and I only manage 3 of 12 chins. Game over! 72 squats and 63 chins.

I can’t decide if I want to try to improve my scaled score or make a run at Rx.  I can barely do overhead squats at 43kg and only manage one chest to bar at a time. I’d be lucky to finish the first round of 10’s.

Our group of six headed out to Stars & Stripes for dinner and drinks. Lots of laughs and box gossip 😉 followed by bar hopping.  I mentioned in an earlier post how open and friendly everyone at the box has been. Last night just reinforced that feeling. It’s been a long time since I was out like that. 

This morning I was quickly reminded why it’s been a long time.  I might be a happy drunk, but I’m the living dead when hungover. Good thing Iris had a headache and stayed home from floor ball practice. Jeanette was able to take Lily to diving, workout and then pick up Lily while I stayed home with Iris and Viola.


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