Ivan the Terrible & 100x100m

What a great weekend!

After a family taco Friday dinner I managed to get in a Crossfit workout in at the Box.

Saturday I was home with the girls while Jeanette worked out. When she took Iris food shopping Lily and I tried the “Ivan the Terrible” WoD. It’s was tough but only required a jump rope so it was possible to do at home. It took me 32:40 and Lily managed 33:00 (scaled).

Today started with my first challenge of 2015, 100x100m. It was not easy, but with a start time of 1:40 I was able to swim easy and long. I swam each 100m between 1:28-1:30. Luckily I had Fredrik and Rickard with me today so I was able to just think about my swimming and let them pull me around. I could totally feel the effects of back-to-back Crossfit workouts. My shoulders were tight, my ass hurt and my quads tired. Luckily the last 20 flew by.
I skipped the after talk and shower and raced home to pick up the family. Viola and I dropped the rest off at the mall and went to the pool. We had a blast. She’s really starting to try to swim. After about 3 hours some one pooped in the adventure pool so we moved to the kiddy pool, but so did almost everyone else. After about 20min it was no longer any fun so we took a long hot shower before going home early.
Now everyone is sleeping and I’m watching the Cowboys struggle in this weekends last wildcard game. Down 0-14 right now so I’m not sure I’ll stay up to finish it.

Three more days off with the girls while Jeannette works two of them. I think we are all ready for school to start back up…

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