Swedish Long Course Nationals in Falkenberg

This morning I did my second real WoD.  Maybe not the best timing, but I am so out of shape there is nothing I can do now that will help or hurt me.

Tomorrow I pick up a van, and then four of my teammates will head to Falkenberg, 180 km away, for the Swedish LCM National Championships.

I am taking a step back from going all in and swimming all the individual events, this time I will only swim eight races over three sessions.

First up Friday afternoon is the 100 back, great first event for me since I do not care about it and we are only three in my age group 😉 That means I maintain my medal streak for getting a medal at every Nationals since 2007.

The 50 breast is an event that I love, but I have only been training free for the past 9-10 months it will not be pretty. We are nine for this race so I should get top six for points, but to win a medal will take a great swim by me.

The 1500 free is my last race of Friday night. I was really hoping to get under 19:30 but with the way things have been since my last race in Sept I will be lucky to get under 20:00. Here we are only five swimmers but we race in heats based on times, not age groups. It’s a good thing I will be in the last heat so I know how fast I need to swim to medal 😉 Two of my teammates are also swimming the 1500 so I am more concerned about which of us will be fastest 😉

Saturday is split into two sessions.
In the morning I will try 100 free (17), 50 Fly (17) & 50 back (7). None of these events are my favorite, but if I am going to be there I might as well keep busy. I have no interest in swimming anything over 200m  The 50 back is the only event I have a chance to take any points.

In the afternoon its the 100 breast (7) & 50 free (22). 100 breast is the 3rd or fourth toughest event i swim. after the 200 fly, 200 breast, 200 free and 100 fly. I have an outside shot at a medal here. I don’t know what I keep punishing myself with the 50 free. But its the last event of my meet so why not.

Looks like our team has a real good shot at making the top 10 out of the 46 teams competing this weekend.  And even more important we have an even better shot at staying in the top 10 for 2014!

More about the meet on Sunday!

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