Final stop before Kalmar

Today the family and I drove to northern Öland to enjoy a few days in a cabin by the beach. 

Looks like we lucked out with the weather this week.  


Monday to Wednesday I’ll be doing some short bike and runs. Mostly to check my bike is ready and to verify I picked the right shoes for Saturday. Being 100m from the beach I might even have to take a morning run on the beach.

The water park is perfect for us. Jeanette can enjoy the sun while I play with Viola. Lily and Iris will be able to run around themselves. 

Bödasand has everything we will need this week. Ice-cream, mini golf, pizza, beach and pool 😉

After a quick walk around camp and dinner the whole family is winding down for the evening. 

My next post will be my 2015 race plan for Kalmar Ironman. 

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