O:500 – “What’s the ‘O’ stand for….”

One of my favorite Robin Williams movie as a kid was “Good morning Vietnam”. When he says that it O 500 and then follows it up with “what’s the O stand for? Oh my god it’s early”

Why would I be thinking of this today. Well simple. It’s been nearly three months since I have woken up early on little sleep to workout. Yes, I have had one morning workout in October but it was only done because it had to be done. Yesterday we started the day at 08:30 and got home at 23:15. Then I had emails to read and reply, and then of course I started watching a movie. So the TV was on until 00:45, and I got a sms from Jeanette around that time so didn’t turn the lights off until just after 01:30.

At 04:50 my alarm goes off, and I just hop up out of bed, get dressed and go down to the gym. At 05:04 I assumed that I was going to be alone. Nope, there were at least 4 others I could see. And just an hour later the gym had 15+ working out.

Running on a treadmill is not my thing, not because it is boring, but it’s HOT. I need the cooling breeze. so after 20+ minutes I gave up and moved to the bike. Not much better, went through two bottles of water and had no energy to push myself, but it was fun getting sweaty again! The gym is open 24 hrs so I will be going back tonight to test some weights, and then tomorrow push myself on the bike. our flight is at 08:30 on Friday and we will leave the hotel at 06:00 so I will even head back to the gym late on Thursday after dinner so that I can sleep on the 7 hr flight home.

I would like to thank my teammate & Swimrun partner Fredrik for the extra motivation to get back on the horse. He gave me a 3 month trial membership at Crossfit Växjö and I am signed up for my introduction next Thursday. I know there is nothing I can do in 8 days to reduce the ache I will suffer Friday-Sunday, but I want to make sure that I can handle the workout.

on a side note, today my wife went to Sweden’s largest outlet store with her mom and Lily. Tonight I will go to the world’s largest mall and then go back to the hotel which happens to be the worlds tallest hotel. The only difference is my trip to the mall will not cost nearly what her trip to Ge-kås will cost me 😉

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