A fun run with Superloppet and then off to Saudi


Today was the first annual Superloppet. I was hoping the girls would follow along but Lily was at her first swim camp and Jeanette didn’t want to take a chance with the weather.

I arrive 20min before the start and as I walk to the starting area I see lots of kids dressed up, and the even more parents. Superman and Batman were very popular. Silversurfer, Hulk, kick ass, poisen ivy, spiderman and many more.

The “race” was only 4.5km.  Started at 4:16, then 4:41, 4:50, 4:58 for a 4:42/km average with 171 pulse. Running with a mask was harder than I thought. The sound of breathing in the helmet was annoying, my glasses got fogged up… eventväxjö was there and took a lot of pictures.




Now I’m sitting at the Quality airport hotel in Copenhagen. Tomorrow I’m off to Saudi Arabia. It’s my first visit since they started erection on my project. Four days at site with two travel days. Unless I can find shorts to workout in it will be the longest 6 days of my life. I can’t believe I forgot my shorts!!

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