Winter Break or “Sport break” as it is called in Sweden

In the area of Sweden I live, week 8 is our winter break, or a direct translation from swedish is sport break A large portion of the people in sweden use week 7,8 or 9 to go skiiing every year. The country splits up this week off so that only 33% of the country try to go up north skiing each week during the winter break.

Since we don’t ski and we really can do much of anything right now I have decided to try to swim 50km this week. I have planned on 10 swims. The first one was today and I managed to swim 50×100 in groups of ten. Not very fun, but manageable when swimming alone.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays I will have to swim doubles. Friday and Saturday I will try to get in a 5km each day. I am really hoping that I don’t have much more than 10km left come sunday. I have Masters 5km followed by another 5km with Hampus. It would not be fun to have to swim much more than 10km on sunday to reach 50km.

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