Beyond Expectations, the month of May

So I recently wrote about missing lots of swimming because of a business trip. But it looks like I was able to bounce back nicely, thanks in part to the start of Open Water swimming and my teammates that show up day after day to swim with me. In the graph below you can see the plateau when I missed 3+ swims. I managed to build back up my buffer by the end of the month.

Progress against the 1,000km target pace

I have not had to swim alone more than once in the last few weeks either. Now that OW season has started it is easier to find time and friends to swim with. Tonight is my last planned pool swim and this week is the end of nearly all of the kids activities expect for swimming, so I should be able to find more time to swim. The best part is I will also be able to find more time to be home in the evenings with my wife.

The progress graph above might be very clear, but below you can clearly see my week 11-12 taper, and the week 18-19 out of town trip.

2020 week to week totals

My previous big swim years were 2011 and 2012. I had no intention of trying to swim long. But swimming was my only workouts back then. In 2012 I managed to swim 725 km, so I felt it would be good to compare my progress in 2020 towards 1,000 km. In 2012 I only had one big month. So far in 2020 I have managed to reach the 83 km goal five months in a row.

2012 (725 km) vs 2020 (1,000 km goal)

At the end of 2012 I decided to start training for the Ironman. As you can see in the graph below I went from a decent swimmer to not much swimming at all. In 2015 I started crossfit and swam even less. In 2016 I had a stroke, and afterwards I decided to focus on swimming again. I traveled a lot in 2018, otherwise I was really happy with my workouts in 2017-2019. By the end of next week I will have surpassed seven previous years totals. I am on track to have my best swim year since I stopped swimming back in 1996 by the end of July.

Yearly totals since 2007
(Note: 2007 was only a 3km race, and I started tracking my swims in June 2008)

Looking forward to June

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