2019 Summary & 2020 Goals

2019 was supposed to be a swim year for me. I was hoping to average ~42km swimming, ~31 hrs training and 10 CrossFit workouts a month.

But right from the get go work would put a stop to my training. Several trips to Poland starting January 13th, two to Dubai, then China, Malaysia and Lithuania really made it hard to swim or workout at all.

Luckily for me I was able to be home during my summer vacation and was able to get into swim shape by August.

I was happy with my OW season but in 2020 I will have to raise the bar significantly.

2019 summary


This year I will keep two goals: 365 hours and 120 CrossFit workouts. But in order to manage my competitive goals I will have to try to swim 800km in 2020. Roughly 15km/week. If I don’t travel that often I could almost manage this with my masters group. We usually swim 13.5-15km/week in the pool, but upwards of 20-25km/week in the lake.

Since masters starts on the 7th of January I’ll have to swim twice this week to not fall behind too much

goals 2020

Masters SM in March will not be a priority meet for me this year but plan to swim fast.

OW starts at home with our Karl-Oskar swim. Then on to a Vansbro for several races. The 10km is Saturday. We go back Friday for 3km, 1500m, Saturday is a double too 3km, 3km retro, and Sunday is the 1000m.

Five weeks later I’ll start in my longest swim race ever, The Viking. 42km swimming with a turn around after +21.5km.

I just hope I’m home in June-August so I can get in my long swims

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