I’ve been married too long….

I think that I’ve been married for too long. I can not go to bed (or to be more accurate fall asleep) on my own any more, I need my wife to say, “I am going to bed now.” which every good husband knows means “and so are you!”

These long days with 45-90 min in the car to work and 90-120 min on the way back to the hotel with 10 hours of work in between is draining me. I see the sun but don’t get to feel the warmth. It’s a good thing that I got extra sun on Saturday.

Last night I got back to the hotel at 20:00. In my mind I think perfect, I can get in 90min at the gym, but no wait I need to eat dinner. OK. I convince my co-worker that it would be easiest if we just take room service since he had work to do as well. Ok, I will eat dinner now, go to sleep and workout in the morning. Around 23:30 I remember that we will get picked up at 07:30 not 09:00 and that means no morning workout 😦 why didn’t I just hit the gym at 21:00 oh yeah I rememeber, I turned the tv on, stupid mistake!

The next few days are going to be difficult to get in gym time in the evenings so I will either have to bite the bullet and wake up at 04:00 or hit the gym after dinner which could be as late as 23:00. Depending on whether or not I am alone or with my co-workers. I just need to keep my tv turned off!

Oh and by the way, my trip has been extended another day so I don’t get home until Friday now. Good thing Jeanette and I already have a date night planned. I might have to check with our sitter if she can come a little earlier so Jeanette and I can go to dinner before

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