Crossfit – Introduction

So last night I went to my introduction class for Crossfit. We were 12 in the class, 2 women and 10 men. For about about an hour the instructor David went through some basic movements. He was very good to point out that the key to Crossfit is to have good technique from the beginning. It was better to use lighter weights until you can do the exercises correctly. Scaling back is going to be hard for me at the beginning, but because of my “back issues” it will be for the best.

After the 60 minute of intro we did a “mini” WOD (workout of the day).

3 times
Wall ups 45s ( 23/ 21/ 17) with 6kg
15s rest
Kettle bells 45s (21 / 21 / 16) with 16kg
15s rest
Sit ups 45s (21/ 21 / 20)
15s rest
Push Press 45s (22 / 22 / 20) with 20kg
75s rest

As you can see in the reps, that the first two rounds were fairly OK. but around the 13th or 14th wall up my back started to tighten up. By the time I started kettle bells I had switched to a 12kg but that did not help. I could only get 2-3 at a time before having to stretch out my lower back.  The sit ups were pure joy, almost like an extra 45s rest 😉  The Press Ups with only a bar were not hard, but because last night was all about technique I did not try to max the number of reps, but keep a good pace while keeping a good body postilion. For someone that likes doing 4-6 reps and working out with in my comfortzone it will take me a while to getting use to the idea of doing as many as you can in a given time. But I think it will be easier to do a specified number of reps for time.

As Jeanette pointed out when I got home last night, I also need to stay limber and stretch.  That is something Leon at Dynamic Training & Rehab has been giving me a guilt trip for over the last 18 months! Mobility, Mobility, Mobility…..

Tonight my Swimrun partner Fredrik and I will workout together out of water for the first time. Only 218 days left until we make our Swimrun Premier!

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